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Testimonials From Students And Fellow Teachers



“I can honestly say that Peter Freedman Sensei (and all the other senior grades who have helped me learn) have built the best martial art teaching system that I have ever encountered.  The dojo is very lucky to get all the knowledge of healing, energy, training, and the life experience that Peter Freeman Sensei can offer.  My only regret is that I wasted almost a year out of training because I could not see this straight away, as it was just so different from previous training.  I understand a lot more now.”  Jason Macdonald, Security guard  




“Sensei’s Freedman’s Method is by far the most superior martial art that I have studied.  While my past experience in Tae Kwan Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu taught me important principles such as how to properly strike and defend myself and neutralize an attacker on the ground, the Freedman System is more practical, as application of the method’s principles prepare the student to defend himself in any situation presented.  While the other arts teach technique or position memorization to accomplish self-defense, the Freedman System teaches the student to defend himself on nine angles of attack, whether the attack is coming from fists, bats, knives, multiple attackers, etc. 


After studying Freedman’s Method for several months, I believe it is the most effective method of defending against practical street fights or multiple attacker scenarios.  Unlike other systems that I have studied that dictate or encourage memorization to defend against various situations, the Freedman Method encourages creativity.  This creativity allows the student to mould the art into his or her personality, which I have found to be exclusively unique to the Freedman Method.” 


My confidence that I could defend myself against any situation skyrocketed after only a few months of study.  As a student of the martial arts I strongly recommend the Freedman System.”   David Block, Hedge fund manager



“Peter has opened so many doors in my life.  Not just as a martial artist, but in every aspect of life.  I have been able to use Peter's teachings on an everyday basis since it touches on every aspect -- physical, mental and spiritual.  Every person that I have personally seen come through the dojo has been able to benefit from Peter's teachings in one way or another.”        


“Peter's method is a complete and whole way of thinking that allows the student of his method to cope with the problems of every day life and find, for themselves, a solution.  He has been able to develop a method that reaches out to everyone who wants to better themselves as a human being.”    


“He is the kindest and most caring person I have ever met.  He is the type of person that can be funny without knowing he is being that way and it carries over into his teachings.  He provides a mixture of fun and learning into his classes.  Peter is a good role model for anyone who wants to be a gentler person who really cares about human life.   He teaches you that you can learn from anyone and everything.  He is a teacher that really feels his students are like his own children, raising them from a very young age (in the martial arts) to a higher way of thinking.  He really cares what happens to them in their lives.” Jimmy Melich, Postal worker



“Peter taught in principle and concept format.  There are no wrong ways of doing the art.  As long as whatever you did, did not ‘kill you,’ you did the right thing.  As a result Peter allows the student’s creativity to flourish since he never boxes you in with the ‘right technique.’  Peter will adapt his art to you so you can make it your art.  He teaches the art of the mind so no matter what condition your body is in your mind will be trained to adapt your body in any way you make it appropriate for your art. 


The ultimate martial art is the art of the mind in which Peter is a master teacher.  I have trained with Peter for over ten years and I have never sustained any injury in class, or ever, practicing jujutsu.  My entire life is a reflection of what Peter taught and shared with me.  Jujutsu is part of me -- there is no me without it.” 


“Peter is a beautiful human being whose heart is filled with loving kindness which splashes upon all of those who have been blessed to know him.  He promotes an environment where you actually learn by taking the principles and concepts and making them your own.  He teaches you to become a teacher of yourself.  Peter puts you on the path of warrior training.  I don't believe Pete would call himself a role model; he would call himself a guide -- a guide for you to become your own role model for your life.  With what Peter has taught me I can learn from anyone anywhere . . . .  If it was not for Pete I would not have the professional and personal success that I do.  He gave me the courage to pursue a life of my dreams at all levels.  He opened up my creativity and self-confidence.  His teachings have allowed me to share the work that I do with hundreds of people.”  Ken Doyle, Executive and instructor for a training and development company that expands human potential. 





     “I had training in the law enforcement academies I attended.  I found them to be cursory

     and based upon rote memorization that is ineffectual in an actual confrontation.”

     Freedman’s Method is far superior as students learn concepts and principals about how

     and why the methods work.  Freedman’s Method is based upon how the anatomy of the

     body works and that is the core of why the training works.  The method can be adapted 

     to any skill level or physical limitation or individuality of the student.  Freedman’s Method is


     a melding of the mind, spirit, and body which is why it is so effective and important to the 


     student on every core level.”



     “Sensei Freedman has made me a better person.  His teachings are about proportion and


     balance, goodness and strength, humility and confidence.  Through the confidence and

     physical ability you gain from his teachings, comes a sense of peace that carries over to all

     other parts of your person.  I have gone to Sensei Freedman in times of trouble and through

     training with him, I gain a sense of understanding, balance and a piece of his wisdom.  I

     am told by those closest to me that the difference in me is obvious.”



     “Although Sensei Freedman encourages you to learn from everyone you can, I would not 


     consider looking for another teacher.  I was extraordinarily lucky to have had the opportunity

     to train with Sensei Freedman and Mr. Brewster, Guru Grande.”  Sensei Freedman is a


     very special person.  I have had extensive experience as a student and instructor and 

     based upon that, I state with great certainty that he is an exceptional teacher.”  Meredith

    Lobur, Police officer, Domestic violence/sexual assault investigator, Federal

    Law Enforcement Training Center certified instructor, Awarded a meritorious

    service medal




“I studied martial arts for a couple of years before meeting Peter Freedman.  Since the first time I met Peter and began training with him I realized that he is like no one I’ve ever met.  I never felt comfortable with any other teacher before him.  Peter is open to any question or comment and loves when people ask questions . . . .  He is spiritual and fosters an open and fun learning environment.  I’ve been looking for such a teacher, who can take me as far as I want to go my entire life.”


“Since I’ve started training with Peter in the short time that I’ve been with him, I’ve become a more open martial artist -- open to other peoples ideas and styles.  A lot of schools out there are saying that theirs is the only styles that works and all this, but that’s not true with Peter.  I really do hope that all his students realize what they have, having him as a teacher.  I know I do ....  I've learned so much in the last six months I've been with him and I've been able to apply it in my everyday life.”  Jason Lamarche, Sheetmetal mechanic



“Sensei Freedman has opened my eyes to many new things and helped me to restructure the whole approach to my martial art.  I have become a better teacher and person just from his guidance.  He is awesome!  If you learn the true lesson Sensei Freedman has to teach, you will learn from everyone you can and learn not to judge things on a shallow level.  I will always look to him for guidance no matter where I am or how old I get.  He has allowed my eyes to be opened enough to know who really knows what they are talking about and who doesn't!  However, one should always try to look for the teacher in everyone.”  Terry Dow, Martial arts academy owner and instructor



"I had ten years of prior martial art instruction, but didn't feel confident in what I knew because I had just memorized thousands of techniques.  I didn’t feel confident in defending myself with them.  Now when I am learning something I understand it.  Within just months I am now learning the science of martial arts.  I am now learning what I have always wanted to learn.   This is the way I thought it should be…. My first impression of the dojo was that of a Samurai clan, helping each other to prepare for battle by developing the skills for survival.   I am excited for how much more I will learn in the future."


"I always thought that a good teacher would show you how to find success with a skill or even how to become better than them at something.  Or, at the least save you time at learning it.  It seems like a lot of instructors, though, have to 'one up' you. 


The cooperative environment that Sensei Freedman fosters is a nurturing one in which everyone is sincerely trying to help you become better.  Peter is a genuine person who is interested in helping improve the lives of his students."  Eric Kay, Chef/Restaurant manager



“I was captain of the Boston University Tae kwon do Team for almost three years and had a total of four Tae kwon do teachers.  Sensei Freedman's teaching method differs from that of my earlier schools in many respects.  For example, he focuses on teaching principles, rather than teaching techniques.  This apparently small difference increases the speed at which one learns and it definitely prepares one for combat.  It is faster because there are very few important principles, from which all the techniques derive.  And one is prepared for combat because in a real situation, in which things happen unexpectedly, there is no time to 'remember' the technique -- there is only time to react and react quickly.  The ability to react and create one's own technique unexpectedly comes from understanding and training with principles, not from repeating techniques over and over again.  He also shares everything with you, regardless of what level you are; he explains things in detail and has a good and logical answer to every single question; he encourages students to learn about every martial art; he also teaches the history of martial arts in class, a fact which helps students understand what is being taught; he teaches with humor, which is encouraging to fast learning; he teaches how the martial arts are to be learned as well as used in one's daily life; he teaches the mental and the spiritual aspects of martial arts; and he teaches one to be a teacher.”


“His teaching method affected me as a martial artist because it made me understand what martial arts was all about in the past, how it evolved, and what it is all about nowadays.  All of a sudden, things started to make sense.  By understanding the history and principles one can learn much faster, not only jujutsu, but any other martial art as well.  As a person, his teaching method changed the way I learn and assimilate information, making me extract the principle from every separate piece of information I see.  And naturally, whenever I am caught in a situation, be it professional or personal, in which I must teach someone something, I teach the principle.  It is interesting to see how people grasp ideas much faster.  I use Sensei's teachings everyday.”  Gian Fili, Entrepreneur




"After being involved in many different styles of law enforcement training, I believe that      

Freedman’s Method is by far the most practical.  In my opinion, law enforcement has an

obligation to the community to acquire skills that will enable them to better interact in

altercations that inevitably happen within communities and in such a way that it will limit

the possibility of injury to the officer and the citizen -- Freedman’s Method will enable them to do so.  Freedman’s Method of training will skill the officer to use low impact and

practical solutions."   Stacy Quinoness , Director of  Law Enforcement Training for





“I enjoy that Sensei Freedman wants us to think independently and question his teaching methods.  He truly wants us to learn skills that will keep us safe.  His method of teaching concepts and principles is more effective than learning set techniques.  Sensei also teaches us how to avoid trouble and comments on the legal aspects of self-defense, unlike many schools out there.”


“I apply the lessons that I learn from class to other aspects of my life.  One example is not getting caught up in your mistakes.  Sensei tells us all the time that ‘mistakes are learning tools and when you make one, not to dwell on it.  Dwelling on mistakes actually programs you for failure.’  I take this lesson with me everywhere, especially in my classes at UMASS-Boston.”


“Sensei Freedman truly cares about his students and creates a family-like atmosphere in the dojo.  I always leave training feeling much better than when I first arrived.  He practices what he preaches and is a true samurai warrior -- one who serves.”


“Training under Sensei Freedman has literally changed my life.  Training in jujutsu is a spiritual experience for me and has helped me through difficult times, mostly because of the environment that Sensei Freedman provides in class.  It is nurturing and structured so that people enjoy themselves, yet also learn a lot.  I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in the martial arts, self-defense, or just improving their lives.” - Shantu Salvi, Student



“When I first called Sensei Freedman I was on the phone with him for three hours!  Just from talking to him I knew he was going to be not only my teacher, but a major influence in my life.  Under Sensei Freedman I spent many years learning how to see the principles and the concepts behind various techniques.  Once you have an understanding of this ... nothing looks the same!  I have visited many dojos and I have seen various advanced techniques that had holes in them bigger than the ozone layer.  Not only am I now able to see the holes, but I can also create and make the techniques mine, and I can help others do the same with their martial art.  But not only can I see the principles and concepts in the martial arts, I can also see them in everything. This makes life very interesting.”


“I am living and working and teaching Freedman’s Method of Ketsugo Jujutsu in Yokohma, Japan and the people I am meeting and teaching are very impressed by the method.  If I can learn from Sensei Freedman ANYONE can.  I have seen every race under the sun, people of every sexual orientation, and people with various phyiscal ailments come and remain a student of Sensei Freedman.”  Rico Blair,  Systems engineer for an entertainment theme park



“I previously studied Okinawan karate, kenpo, kyokushinkai, but I found myself progressing farther as a martial artist in my first few months with Sensei Freedman than in all my other years of martial arts practice.  I have seen many different people from all walks of life enjoy learning from Sensei Freedman.  From martial arts teachers, to people who have never studied martial arts, men and women, old and young, and people of different body types.  I believe everyone can learn from Sensei Freedman’s teaching.  Personally, I have some muscular-skeletal malformations that many would consider a disability.  However, Sensei Freedman has worked with me individually to adapt anything we practice so that I can be effective.”


“In my previous studies of martial arts I took many injuries.  I had broken several teeth, sprained knees, split lips, had numerous bloody noses, pulled my Achilles tendon and had various other bumps and bruises.  In the six years that I have been studying with Sensei Freedman I have never once taken an injury, nor seen another student take an injury.  If I take an injury in class, I have to take time off to recover and how effective is that?”


“Sensei Freedman is a born teacher.  He teachers with warmth, humor, and a genuine love of the art of jujutsu.  The learning environment is such that people can feel safe while practicing a really effective street martial art . . . .  He was brought up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the world and today is a loving family man, a good citizen, and a respected teacher.”  John Moore, Internet consultant 



“Previous martial arts exposures introduced me to rigid, fragmented systems of knowledge and stern teaching approaches. The situation is totally different through Freedman's Method.  The perspective on martial arts is holistic; the initiative is highly encouraged; there are no barriers or levels for presenting the knowledge to students; the learning environment is fun and relaxed; practice is conducted in a 'nobody-gets-injured manner;' and plenty of his advice applies to other aspects of a student's life besides fighting.  From his classes my martial arts skills improved dramatically, along with my creativity, self-confidence, interpersonal behavior, and all-around state of well-being and understanding of the world we live in.”


“Having been exposed to and enriched by Sensei Freedman's Method puts me in an especially privileged position concerning my ability to absorb knowledge from and critically assess other methods of teaching.”  Bogdan Enoiu, Computer programmer



“Sensei Freedman’s relaxed and humorous teaching approach has allowed me to learn a lot from jujutsu in a relatively short period of time.  As a person, his teaching approach has made me more humble and appreciative of life while inspiring me to read and learn more about everything that surrounds me.”
The main reason why I never joined a martial arts school before was because I was afraid of getting hurt.  When I heard that the most important rule in Sensei Freedman’s school is safety, I was more willing to try it out.  I have never come close to sustaining an injury in class.”


“Sensei Freedman is an incredible person.  While I continue to be impressed with his mastery of the martial arts, I am even more amazed with him as a person.  He is wise, humble, funny, and extremely positive.  His learning environment constantly stresses these attributes.  After every class, I always walk home with appreciation, knowing that I have learned something valuable that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.”



He teaches us to think and question everything in life while also stressing the importance of being able to laugh at one’s self.  It is never too early or too late to begin learning and to start becoming positive.”  Irusha Peiris, Web developer



“I feel Peter’s techniques can be well adapted by young and old and male and female.  I know for a fact a disabled student would benefit from his teachings.  My step-son is categorized as having Attention Deficit Disorder and as being slightly mentally challenged.  I feel Peter would be one of the few people that could train him in the Arts.” 


“I’ve studied Jeet Kune Do with Guru Dan Inosanto, Shooto Wrestling with Ron Balicki, Munde Muda Penjak Silat (Indonesian) with Herman Suwanda, LAMECO Eskrima with Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, and Muay Thai Kick Boxing with Saekson.  I’ve had some of the world renowned teachers in my lifetime and when you’ve seen them and then seen Peter I can tell he’ll be one of the elite grand-masters.  For now he’s like fine wine -- aging will only make him better.”  Guro Felix Valencia, Martial arts instructor (inducted into the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame)



“During class, I never felt intimidated or embarrassed to try new things or to make mistakes.  Peter is able to create an atmosphere in his dojo that is both accepting and nurturing.  He inspires all of us not only to learn but to teach others and contribute to everyone's learning.  It is an incredible feeling to be able to learn something new, understand it, and feel confident to experiment with concepts and techniques creatively.  Peter fosters that creativity in all of his students to make us better martial artists and more aware people.”


“Peter teaches students from all walks of life regardless of how 'in-shape' they are.  I think that this is one of the key reasons I enjoy the dojo and his style of teaching.  Everyone can work at his or her own pace without feeling self-conscious or defeated because there are always students of every level in his dojo.”


“Peter has a warmth and an open-mindedness that is inspiring.  The rewards of learning a martial art are immeasurable; however, it is Peter who makes going to the dojo so worthwhile.  His kindness, support, and wisdom make learning with him a pleasure and knowing him an honor.”


“After studying martial arts with Peter I don't think I would consider studying with someone else.  I haven't come across any other martial arts schools that truly encompass what I feel martial arts should be -- a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual enlightenment and balance.  What draws me to Peter's style of teaching is having that balance and also being able to laugh, have fun, make mistakes, and really understand what jujutsu is all about.”  Andrea Wilcott, Freelance web designer.



“Peter's method of Jujitsu is broken down into simple concepts and principles which allows it to be easily learned and taught.  The method is taught 'soft' or slowly in a manner that prevents anyone from getting hurt.  And of course you don't have to do anything you don't want to.  If you have an injury that you’re nervous about you are encouraged to speak up about it.  You don't have to do an exercise you're uncomfortable with.”


“Peter also teaches us to learn in a way that is suitable for our own body types.  As a result he teaches that we have to learn how to make martial arts work for our own body type and not just do what he does since he is just doing techniques based upon his body type.” 


“Keeping with this idea the martial art is suitable for people with disabilities and people of all shapes and sizes.  He encourages us to ask questions, and, when making a mistake, to embrace it and learn from that mistake.  This type of environment allows us to open up more to the art and learn faster.”


“I find that I use Peter's teaching and the ways of the martial arts every day.  It has changed the way I approach situations, with more confidence and focus.  It has increased my awareness, taught me the value of being humble towards others, made me feel more secure and confident, and made me a happier person because of these things.”  Michael Morin, Software engineer


“In Peter’s classes we learn about the spiritual and physical sides of the martial arts at the same time.  We do this without even realizing that it's happening.  It is so seamless because Sensei Freedman teaches with such great kindness. From the way he talks, the tone he talks in, the way he trains, he reminds us to be kind to ourselves and to each other.  He has taught me to laugh and smile a lot more.  His teachings are filled with so much generosity.  He does not hold back information.  And he wants to share it.  All of it.” 



“I utilize Peter’s teachings everyday.  At work, in crowds, in shopping areas, at large events, at home, while jogging, and while driving.  As a result of Peter I get into very, very few verbal confrontations now which is saying a lot for a woman in the production side of the film industry.  Hell, that's saying a lot for the person I was.”  Ashaki Fenderson, Production manager, 1st AD, producer of commercials and independent feature films



“I have been practicing martial arts for approximately forty-six years.  When I started, my teachers explained things over time and you were expected to learn by training hard on your own.  Peter, from my observations of his teachings, does more explaining of techniques and their ramifications in detail.  His method is ideal for students of any condition.  Most of my teachers, myself, and Peter Freedman have taught for years with no injuries which is proof that this is possible.” 


“Peter Freedman is a compassionate and knowledgeable person and the atmosphere at his school is one of camaraderie and a relaxed pursuit of martial arts.  He never bullies or loses his patience with any of his students.”  Mr. George Brewster, Guro Grande in Arnis; Founder of the Boston Arnis Club; and Pioneer of Arnis Lanada in Boston



 “Pete’s methods were very creative and his classes were very relaxed.  He also taught about many other aspects such as nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.   He is one of the best teachers I've ever had and one of my closest friends.  His learning environment fosters creativity and free thought which are very powerful tools for anyone including martial artists . . . .  Pete helped me find my own mind and spirit . . . .  This helped me bring my practice of Kendo to a new level.”  John Sills, English teacher in Japan                 



“Sensei Freedman's method of teaching differs from my previous experiences in that he focuses on teaching the concepts and principles behind jujutsu, rather than a technique-based format.  This format is extremely conducive to rapid, long-lasting, and effective assimilation of martial applications.  However, his teaching method can be universally applied to any learning task that one undertakes.  I have seen him take people from all walks of life, and turn them on to learning -- not just with the martial arts, but learning and self-improvement in general.”


“Sensei Freedman has helped me eradicate a fear of failure I had developed in the high pressure college classroom.  His emphasis on the importance of mistakes has taught me to effectively deal with errors and use them to my advantage.  This has been an extremely salutary, both personally and professionally.”  Stephen Schauer, Research associate in biotechnology 



“When Sensei Freedman teaches he explains everything in detail so you understand what you are doing and also why . . . .  He also encourages you to ask questions.  He also says making mistakes are like gold nuggets . . . .  The more you make the more you and everyone else learns.


“He can adapt his art to work for anyone no matter what the handicap is.  He says people are only handicapped in head . . . .” 


“He is a kind and caring person and he treats his students like family.  His classes are always fun and there is no pressure to hinder your learning.”   Dave Groele, Pressman for daily newspaper        



“Sensei Freedman teaches in a way that clearly shows the how and the why to defend yourself against any attack using the same concepts and principles.  In this way you don't have to feel like you’re relearning hundreds of the same movements over again.  As a result I see things differently, more clearly, and can appreciate more of the obvious.”


“Sensei Freedman has a good soul and the teaching environment reflects this.  He is honest and generous with his teaching.  He is a man who shares what he learned the hard way to help his students live safer and fuller lives.”  Barry Levine -- Feldenkrais Practitioner, M.Ed. Rehabilitation Admin. N.U. 



"Peter is the kindest, most knowledgeable person you’ll ever meet.  He’s gentle, too.  If you don’t believe me, shake his hand.  He doesn’t like to show off.  Instead, he focuses on the improvement of his students and others . . . .  What makes his method great is that it adapts to each individual.  The diversity makes it even more fun.  Pete loves teaching . . . .  We always have fun in class while learning a lot about the art . . . .  Every one should meet him.”  Ryan Birmingham, Graphic design artist



“Peter brings out the good in people.  He is so affirming and he helps each person see the value in themselves.  That is a gift that very few people have.  Over this past year I have seen my kids grow in confidence in a lot of ways -- it is his teaching, but also his example and especially his encouragement.  He often says that we are all a family/clan.  He is our teacher, our spiritual brother, and our friend.  We feel so fortunate about that.”  Lorna     



“I love telling people about Peter’s method and our dojo and everything that I have gotten out of Ketsugo Jujutsu.  Peter Freedman Sensei has impacted me deeply and shown me how to be a spiritual leader for a community and how to reach every person in our dojo as individuals and as part of a greater whole.  He has made our dojo a family.  John Moore Sensei, one of Peter Freedman Sensei’s students, taught me that there are people out there willing to help me learn, who can empower students with respect and integrity.  In this way, it was through his teaching that he showed me what kind of teacher I want to be.”


“I often think of the things that helped me feel comfortable enough to be open to learn in our dojo.  During my first class, we learned how to fall.  I thought that if I could learn how to fall then I could learn anything.  This feeling was one of the greatest gifts from my Sensei.  No matter how long I had been learning our method, lessons could apply to me on multiple levels, and whichever level I was on at that point in my training was my lesson for that day and the same went for everyone in our class.  No one was ever taught down to and nothing was over anyone's head.  The same lesson could have layers of meaning so that white belts and black belts could get out of it what was appropriate for each one of us.  There was no competition.  There was no hurry.  This was a novelty to me that we could all learn different things from one lesson.  I loved this about jujutsu because it helped me build confidence about my own way of learning.”


“In studying jujutsu this was the first time in a long time in which I felt good about how I learn.  This was very powerful for me.  We practiced staying calm, not getting tunnel vision, and not shutting down.  We practiced getting out of the way and redirecting and also 'Kazushis' -- taking your oponent off balance, which could be physical or otherwise.  Everything we practiced was physical, spiritual, and emotional.  We practiced attacking and reacting all the time.  We did an exercise called 'Go figure' where we would strengthen our intuition, awareness, improvisational skills through various modes of learning that makes sense.  I realize now that this is why I loved it.  This rarity is part of why I loved Jujutsu so much.”


“At the beginning of class, we would bow in, and again at the end of class we would bow out.  We would line up in rows and bow 3 times and say, 'Shinzei Ni, Sensei Ni, Otoga Ni.'  We would bow to be mindful, to show respect for the teacher, the class, the lesson, the art and the way.  After we would bow out, our Sensei would come around to each person in the class, row by row, and thank each of us for being there. The first person in line would follow and the next person after them would follow so that each person would fall in line and shake hands with each person in each row.  This was called the 'dragon.'  I loved this moment.”


“For me Judaism and rituals are a way to sanctify time and space.  When I was doing jujustu, for the most part, I did not go to Saturday Shabbat morning worship services because I was in class on Saturday mid-mornings.  Our class became my Shabbat morning service, my ritual for sanctifying the Sabbath day.  When we would bow, it was a way for to me to sanctify the time I spent in class. Jujutsu was for me this past year, a way to strengthen my self-awareness and self-confidence.  When we would bow in class, more than anything, it was a way for me sanctify that I was working on strengthening myself and strengthening my spirit.”   Sarah Tasman, Rabbincal student.



“Sensei Freedman makes everyone feel at ease and part of his family.  The fear of being humiliated if you make a mistake is not part of Sensei Freedman's way of teaching and so everyone learns so much quicker and at a pace that is right for you.  The love and care is the whole essence of Sensei Freedman's method and how he expresses this to everyone in his class.”


“Sensei Freedman has taught me about self-confidence and having respect for everyone.  He has taught me knowledge and real practical teachings that can be applied when needed on a spiritual, mental, or physical level.  Anyone can learn from Sensei Freedman no matter what the challenge is.  The care and compassion for all no matter what level a person is at just has to be experienced for one's self.  The dojo is a classroom and everyday when we go out into the world there is opportunity to express what we are learning from Sensei Freedman.  Self-defense is important, but learning to be a better human being is the highest that Sensei Freedman has to offer.” 


“Sensei Freedman is a genuine humble person.  Considering his real life marital art skills that were tested and molded into his being on the streets of the South End of Boston, one would think he would be just the opposite, but he is not and fosters only joy and care for all who come to him for help.  His real life experiences molded the life saving martial art skills that he shares with so much love and care to his students. I don't think I could find someone like Sensei Freedman anywhere else who would put up with the likes of me.” Joe Belisle, Retired


“From studying with Sensei Freedman I feel more energetic, happy, and secure.  He has amazing knowledge and is an amazing teacher.  He is a person who is willing to share his knowledge with others and is sincerely interested in each individual.  He makes you want to learn more through a very relaxed but serious environment.  Stephen Robinson – Sales (BFA/Captain of a college hockey team/1st degree back belt World Tae Kwon Do Association) 



“Sensei Freedman's teachings are communicated in a relaxed atmosphere which allow students to absorb information more readily than in an intense and structured environment.  While I have never applied the physical components of Sensei Freedman's teachings, I have come to reevaluate my perception of the people I interact with on a daily basis.  While confident in my own abilities, I am well aware that despite physical stature or manner it is never wise to underestimate those around you and that avoiding conflict is always the best solution.” 


“Sensei Freedman is a very open teacher who fosters a family oriented environment in his dojo.  Every lesson is taught with a measure of responsibility and every session is inevitably balanced with learning and laughter.  Sensei Freedman is a good role model for anyone looking to improve themselves through a discipline that cultures and strengthens both their physical and mental abilities.  John Sullivan, Cancer research and drug discovery



"Sensei Freeman leads by example and his explanation of the martial arts in relation to body mechanics is outstanding.  As a fairly new student, my first impression of his personality is his humility.  I admire the quiet confidence that he has instilled on his students by teaching them the values of being humble, patient, and open minded.  The beauty and strength of Sensei Freedman's Method is that he tailors the art to the individual’s needs and emphasizes the student's strengths to their advantage.”


“Sensei Freedman is a good role model for someone who may be timid and who lacks self-confidence.  Sensei Freedman has the capacity to motivate and bring people out of their shells and achieve their potential.”  Philip Duldulao



“Freeman’s Method is more of a holistic approach and constantly ties the different pieces together both mentally and physically.  Peter Freedman's teaching approach has affected me by making me think more about what I am learning instead of just memorizing moves.  It is a connection of the mind, spirit, and body.”


“Sensei Freedman makes it a priority to teach and have his students learn effective martial arts without injury and I have not sustained any injuries while studying with Peter.”


“I utilize Sensei Freedman's teachings in several ways.  Studying people's movements, making use of 'Ashi Sabaki' for just going through a crowd or when someone is coming through my way, and by practicing martial arts at other dojos by utilizing Sensei Freedman’s teachings.  It actually ties together with other non-martial art activities that I do.” 



“Sensei Freedman is a very open and honest person and lives what he teaches.  He fosters an environment of thinking and strategizing about your martial arts and trying to tie it all together.  I happen to live a distance from Sensei Freedman's dojo that does not make it convenient to go often.  Even though I live a distance from his dojo Peter has always been great about answering my many questions whether by phone or email.  His answers are always sincere and I always appreciate the time he takes to answer me.  I very much value his teachings, advice, and friendship.”  Tony Mullin, Engineering manager




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“Esoteric concepts about martial arts, spirituality, and the universe in which we live were not meant to be intellectualized. They were meant to be lived, experienced, and learned through physical lessons."


David J. Weinberg