For more information please reach out to the following instructors of Freedman's Method Ketsugo Jujutsu:



* Peter Freedman (grandmaster and founder of Freedman's Method and guro director for the Boston Arnis Club) in Weare, New Hampshire. Email him at




      * Ryan Birmingham (4th degree black belt) in Manchester, New Hampshire at

        (603) 682- 7285





       * Fred Lorman (3rd degree black belt) in Goffstown, New Hamshire at (603) 660-2114





       * Philip Duldulao (Guro/Instructor for the Boston Arnis Club) in Milford, New

       Hampshire at 603-261-6560 or email him at       

       (see for details)





* Raul Torres (4th degree black belt) in Boston, Massachusetts at 857-222-4433




* Roberto Davila (5th degree black belt) in Boston, Massachusetts at 617-792-6707

or emial him at




       * Barry Levine (3rd degree black belt) in Needham, Massachusetts at 617-738-9597 or

        email him at





        * Barry Murphy (1st degree black belt) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 405-821-7015 or

       email him





* Stephen Schauer (3rd degree black belt) in San Francisco, California at 650-787-0533



* Daniel Picci (2nd degree black belt) in San Diego, California at 617-233-7084 or email him at





* Rico Blair (4th degree black belt) in Houston, Texas at



Please also check out the following websites:


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Mike Muratore Stand-up Comedian





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“I’m just a guide. You need to learn to teach yourself as you are your own best teacher.”


Sensei Peter Freedman