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Many people today learn martial arts in schools where students are subjected to rigid, fragmented systems of knowledge; where pain and injury abound; where students are forced to passively memorize hundreds of random prearranged techniques that they don’t understand; where questions are discouraged; and where students are forced to mimic physical martial art movements that were designed for someone else’s body.   Perhaps, even worse, students learn in schools where the mental, emotional, and spiritual component of the martial arts has been long forgotten.





If you want another option … then you’ve come to the right place!


*  How about learning a self-defense system that embraces creativity instead of passive memorization and incessant repetition.


*   How about learning a self-defense system that adapts to you as opposed to you having to adapt to it.


*  How about learning a self-defense system that not only teaches you physical martial arts, but that also shows you how to use practical mental, emotional, and spiritual martial art applications in your everyday life for balance and enhanced well-being.



Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jujutsu is not just another self-defense system. It is a holistic life approach for self-defense, personal development, and wellness. Regardless of the application all lessons are taught through the context of martial art principles in a nurturing atmosphere where you’re encouraged to laugh, ask questions, and make mistakes. Even more important, your safety is our first priority. We strongly believe that pain and injury should be avoided at all costs and that their accumulation actually inhibits your ability to develop a higher level of sensitivity with your body, with your martial art, and with your level of self-awareness and spiritual growth.





Through Freedman’s Method  you can learn how to see and utilize the universal principles and concepts that not only form the foundation of the martial arts, but all areas of life. The advantages of this way of learning are virtually limitless.



When applied to self defense your ability to spot the universal principles will allow you to progress through the martial arts at a quickened pace. Moreover, you will gain a comprehensive inner-knowledge of martial science that will enable you to discover for yourself how, when, and why certain martial art techniques work or don’t work. Your understanding will become effortless as your mind is allowed to learn and roam in an environment where creativity reins.



Once exposed to Freedman’s Method  you will understand martial art techniques and their infinite variations in comprehensive detail – so much so that you will almost instantly create your own techniques and counters. Ultimately, from the beginning the art will adapt to you as you cultivate a distinctive martial art style that is solely developed for your individual body-type, your individual mind-set, and your individual spirit.



As your eyes widen through Freedman’s Method, it will not take long before your newfound ability to see universal principles shall extend far beyond the perimeter of the dojo. Your sharpened perception will empower you to see hidden principles and elusive connections that are quietly embedded throughout all areas of your life from sports to dancing to music to acting to sales to negotiating to your personal relationships with others. From this skill you’ll be better equipped to overcome the daily obstacles of the surrounding world, you’ll dramatically expand your analytical and creative abilities, and you’ll awaken within yourself a ferocious curiosity for knowledge and an unbridled passion for life.



Whether you’re a novice or veteran martial artist from other systems, a member of law enforcement or the Special Forces, a businessperson who wants to leverage their martial mind-set to excel in the corporate arena, or simply a concerned parent who wants their child to do better in school, we offer the classes, the seminars, and the workshops to meet your needs.



Freedman's Method  is more than a martial art.  It is a mind-set.  It is a lifestyle.


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“I can honestly say that Peter Freedman Sensei has built the best martial art teaching system that I have ever encountered.”

Jason Macdonald, Security Guard




“I checked out over 100 martial art schools before finding this.  Ketsugo Jujutsu is the most applicable and best martial art I've ever seen for street survival and street fighting.  I love the approach for multiple attackers and weapons as no other schools focus on this."

Mike Muratore, JKD Instructor, Kyokushinkai Black Belt, Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt




"Training under Sensei Freedman has literally changed my life. I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in the martial arts, self-defense, or just improving their lives."


Shantu Salvi, Student







"If you're relying on speed, strength, or athleticism for self-defense you're going to run into serious problems on the street when your opponent is bigger, more athletic, or you're outnumbered.  But if you focus solely on sensitivity, disrupting your opponent's balance, and controlling his spine there is a complete paradigm shift.  Now, even if you're old, out of shape or injured you can still be extremely effective."

David J. Weinberg